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Benjamin Barber Razor Strop in buffalo hide

Before every shave with a cut throat straight razor, it must be honed and sharpened with this strop made from real buffalo hide.

Width: 50 mm

Strop length: 315 mm (the usable part)

Total length: 475 mm (from hook to hook)

Thickness: 2 mm

How to use a straight razor strop:

The fur side, which is the shiny side should be turned upwards. The strop should be held taut and the knife must lie with the blade flat against the strop. You then pull the knife with his back prior to and fro.The first time you use the strop and then when it feels dry, use Benjamin Barber Leather Balm. The paste need not be applied in every stropping, only when necessary.

You shoulde use your strop before each shave for about 1-2 minutes, depending on how sharp or dull knife is.

Watch Gents video on stropping and honing your straight razor. You can also read morehere!



Benjamin Barber

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Benjamin Barber Razor Strop in buffalo hide

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