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Solingen is a German town near Düsseldorf known for their production of swords, knives, scissors and razors of high quality. Companies like Dovo, J.A Henckels, Eickhorn-Solingen and Wilkinson Sword has their high-quarters in Solingen and 90 % of all German knives is produced here. Solingens city arm contains two crossed swords, founded by the craftsmen of the city as early as in the 1700s.

tools - hands & feet
Nail clipper with spring
Nail clipper from Niegeloh, sharp and strong that is perfect for the toenails.
Price: $45
Solingen Manicure Kit
An elegant, German-made manicure set in black leather case.
Price: $56
Solingen Pedicure Kit
Care for your feet in style! This kit contains all the tools your feet need.
Temporarily out of stock
Price: $69
Solingen Corn-Callus Razor
A classic and practical corn/callus razor from Solingen that simply and painlessly removes calluses, corns, and hardened..
Price: $11
Solingen Corn-Callus Razor blades 10-pack
Razor blades for Solingen Corn-Callus Razor.  Size:10-pack.
Price: $7
Niegeloh Cosy Nail Buffer
This nail buffer gives natural nail glow without chemicals. You can shorten and clean, polish and give the nails a natur..
Price: $10