Marvis Tandkräm Flavour Box
Marvis Tandkräm Flavour Box

Marvis Flavour Box

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Manufacturer Marvis

Marvis is an Italian toothpaste brand that puts a silver lining to the toothbrush routine! The special flavors and creamy consistency offered by Marvis make this toothpaste something out of the ordinary. The stylish retro design on the tubes complements the overall picture: Marvis is something extra luxurious!

Marvis toothpastes are sold to design-conscious customers all over the world and can be found in the bathrooms at luxury hotels like Hotel Bowery in New York and Mama Shelter in Paris!

Marvis Flavor Box offers your toothbrush routine seven different flavors, in smooth toothpaste tubes that are easy to pack. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you like!

Contains: 7 x 25 ml

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