Sailor's Säkerhetshyvel i vit och Krom 71R

Sailor's Safety Razor White & Chrome

Art. No. 7927
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Manufacturer Sailor's

A classic safety razor in white and chrome. The beautiful design matches most bathroooms and is an excellent tool for those who wants to give the high class wet shave a chance.

The blade of the safety razor cuts hair much deeper, therefore it will take much longer for the hair to grow back. And the razor blade last up to three times longer than a multi-blade system. Why not use a classic safety razor from Sailor's in a nifty color combination of white and chrome?

The razor is the same as Sailor's Safety Razor Black and Chrome 71R, but in another colour.

For this razor you will need the classic double sided razor blades. The sharper the blade, the more steady on hand your have to be. No double sided razor blades are included in this item.

To place or change blade, rotate the head from the grip and you will see two containing parts. Separate these parts and place the razor blade between them before you screw it back together. Be aware that the blade is sharp and reachable from both sides of the razor when changing the blade.

Short video on how to put a blade into a three piece razor.

Weight: 94 g
Total Length: 106.2 mm
Handle Length: 95.39 mm
Head length: 41.6 mm
Head width: 24.3 mm
Handle diameter: 11.46 mm

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