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  • Can you use Nisim even if you are not suffering from hair loss?

    Nisim is a shampoo which can be used separately and daily to stop and prevent hair loss. It has a mild, deeply cleansing effect and removes sweat, oil and impurities from the scalp. It is a shampoo which neutralises DHT (the principal cause of hereditary hair loss which leads to a shortening of the growth phase, reduction in the hair follicles and fewer visible hair strands),  a substance which leads to hair loss when it lies on the scalp over the hair follicles. Read more
  • Can both women and men use Nisim?

    Absolutely. The results are the same for women and men alike.

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  • How do you get the best results with Self-Tanner?

    Always cleanse the skin properly before using self-tanning products. It is particularly important to use a body and face scrub so that dry skin and dead skin cells are removed, otherwise these may lead to an uneven, blotchy result. You should also moisturise your skin before applying your self-tanning cream, and be particularly careful to moisturise especially dry parts such as your heels, knees and elbows.  Feel free to use your scrub as the colour fades so it doesn't end up looking blotchy. Read more
  • Does Maxim stain clothes and does it have a strong smell?

    Maxim is completely colourless and does not, therefore, stain. However, it does not mask smells as it is aroma-free. We recommend you wash carefully morning and evening, use Maxim and use a good perfume. As you should spread on Maxim in the evening after cleansing and before going to sleep, you could use a normal fragranced deodorant in the morning if you wish. The smell of sweat forms when sweat comes into contact with dirt and other particles on the body, so you should always wash carefully to minimise that smell than we can all get. Read more
  • Does Nisim contain silicone?

    Nisim are products that have been developed to counter and prevent hair loss. Silicone is a substance about which there has been a lot of research concerning its negative effects on the hair, and in particular whether or not it contributes to hair loss.  There are studies which have shown that the silicones used for example in hair wax and shining products can lead to hair loss, but there are also studies which contradict this assertion. Nisim's manufacturers have stated that there is a very small amount of silicone in the product but that it is a minute part where the amount of silicone is so harmless you could even eat it. Nisim also state that they are working on the prevention of hair loss and that it would therefore counter their aims if they used silicones that had a negative effect.

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  • My styptic pencil crumbles to pieces!

    A styptic pencil is for stopping bleeding and should be cleaned after use. However, you should not rinse the whole pencil as it can then become porous and crumble to pieces. The best thing to do is to clean the top gently by dabbing on a little water and the pencil will then dry out. This is guaranteed to increase its lifetime. Read more
  • How does Kalo Hair Inhibitor Lotion/Spray work?

    Kalo Hair Inhibitor works only if the hair and the whole of the hair follicle are removed as the cream/spray gets down into the skin and counteracts regrowth. Removing the hair using wax strips or liquid wax works extremely well. Shaving, however, does not work.

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  • My skin always looks like I have goosebumps!

    If you have a small, bumpy, skin-coloured rash on your skin which reminds you of goosebumps it may be Keratosis Pilaris. This is where hair follicles have a surplus of Keratin, which creates a hardening of the skin. The complaint is often hereditary and in the most part is due to dry skin. You should lubricate the skin frequently, if possible using a lotion containing acetyl salicylic acid, which has a calming effect. A mild scrub can help from time to time but avoid actual peeling as this can have an irritating rather than a calming effect. Read more
  • I'm going gray early - like in my mid-20s. Is this likely just genetic, or should it be a sign of something wrong?

    It's probably genetic, but it could point to a thyroid disorder or B12 deficiency. If you're really freaked out, get tested!

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