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Slant Bar

This is an amazing razor! Through its unique slanting construction, it will give you an unbeatable close and friction-free shave. It is not a tool for beginners, but it is the perfect purchase as a second razor, or for someone wanting to take the final step in search the perfect shave.  


As the picture shows, the cutting edge is slanting in relation to the head of the razor. Basically, it looks crooked. The result? The whiskers are sliced off, rather than being chopped off. Compare it to, say, cutting bread. You wouldn't press the knife down through the loaf until you reach the board. Instead, you would press it down while simultaneously pushing or pulling it slightly: slicing the bread rather than chopping it. Both methods would probably work, but slicing requires much less effort. 


So, the construction of the razor minimizes the resistance of the whisker when you shave it off. That is what makes this razor the UNBEATABLE alternative for the (unlucky) man with both coarse beard AND sensitive skin. Minimal resistance when shaving = minimal razor burn to the skin. 


This razor works best with really sharp blades. We would recommened Feather, the sharpest of them all. 


As mentioned, don't get this razor until you have performed consistent good shaves with an ordinary safety razor for a longer period of time. Handle this razor EXACTLY the same way you would handle you other Merkur (or any other safety razor for that part). Hold it the same way; pull it the same way along you skin; and with the same angle. 


The secret to a great shave with all of the Merkur razors is not to press the razor at all against the skin, and to use you free hand stretching the skin while shaving. 






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Merkur Slant Bar

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