Power Skäggpaket 1
Power Skäggpaket 1

Power Beard Growth Kit

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A beard package with two products designed to promote beard growth. To optimize hair follicle productivity, these two products should be used together, as they complement each other.

Power Activator Serum promotes better hair growth for hair and beard. The serum contains natural, active ingredients that help to increase hair growth.

How to: Start by cleaning the areas where you want to promote beard growth. Then roll the Power Micro Needle Roller. In this way you create microholes at the hair follicles. Finally, apply Power Activator Serum containing a formula that promotes beard growth.

540 thin and short needles (0.5 mm) create microholes at the hair follicles. The microholes will repair the skin and increase blood circulation and collagen production. The protein collagen is found naturally in the hair, but as age increases, natural production decreases with the result of thinner hair and hair loss. An increase in collagen therefore leads to stronger but also faster growing hair. Simply put, one can say that the Power Micro Needle Roller lurks the body to increase hair growth by itself.

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