Styptic Pencil

Tired of having little pieces of toilet paper or patches in your face to stop the bleeding from small shaving cuts (it actually happens to the best and most experienced shavers)? Then use a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding within seconds and you can leave the house without looking like a real novice when it comes to shaving.


Alum, which has the chemical name of potassium aluminum sulfate, is a type of salt acting as a haemostatic and has an astringent effect.

It is alum used in the ring corner to stop bleedings in the boxer's eyebrows. 

Follow these steps to inhibit blood flow: 

Moisten the styptic pencil lightly on the top and spread on the cut. It can sting during application but it is quickly forgotten! Now you can continue your activities without having to worry about bleeding shaving cuts. 

For a clean look after the  shaving accident gents recommends: