Shaved Head

You can, in a secure manner, also shave those areas that can be hard to spot or reach, like your neck for example. In combination with a good shaving cream, the razor will glide easily, which gives a smoother shave and the least possible skin irritation. Especially if you want an even smoother result and choose to shave against the grain. Just like when you shave your face, it is important to take care of your head after you're done. We have a big supply of lotions and moisturizers in lovely scents for a moisturizing skin care after shaving.

With us you will find pliable and sharp razorblades with everything from 3 to 6 blades, which makes it easy to find the razor blade that best suits your beard, skin type and shaving method. More blades give a faster, more efficient shave with an even and handsome result.

Both our blades and razors in this category is specifically adjusted to shaving heads, but it can advantageously be used for both body and face. They are safe and efficient with grips in rubber to give the ideal result.

A shaved head to a nicely tended beard is now trendier than ever and here you will find all you need to get that look. We also offer convenient traveler kits to make it easier to keep your head smoothly shaved even when traveling. You will also find practical trimming equipment if your beard or moustache needs trimming - for the ultimate groomed look.