how to choose the right safety razor

by Jonathan Pramborn


Safety razors with simple proportions, good weight and normal handle length. Our affordable all-purpose razors give a good introduction to the classic razor and lasts a lifetime.

kind razors

For you with sensitive skin that often gets razor burn or razor bumps. These razors are a little lighter than others on the market and have a kinder head that does not expose the same amount of the razor blade.

Slant bar-razors

The razors for the experienced wet shaver who wants to try something new. The angled design gives minimal resistance when the beard is cut. Slant bar is ideal for the combination coarse beard and sensitive skin.

adjustable razors

An adjustable razor gives you maximum flexibility to adjust the shaving through its adjustable head. You can easily adjust the razor blade angle and blade exposure. A razor you can have for many years.

Open comb-razors

Really coarse beard growth is no challenge for these razors. Recommended for the experienced wet shaver.